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4 Skills You Need to Know When Playing Over/Under Corner Bet in Football

Over/Under corner bet is a popular type of bet that many people play in football. Many newcomers to the field often do not know much about over/under corner betting and what skills are needed. Follow along with top soccer tips to discover the following 4 skills you need to know when playing over/under corner bet in football!

What is Over/Under Corner Betting?

Corner bet is one of the popular side bets in football betting that many people enjoy. Its simple gameplay, easy understanding, and high chances of winning make it a hot topic of interest before every match. When participating in corner bet, bettors can choose various forms of betting such as which team will have the first corner kick, the total number of corner kicks, or which team will be awarded the most corner kicks…

In corner betting, you need to understand the rules of the game, the playing style of the two participating teams. This allows you to make more accurate predictions and place more authentic bets. If you grasp these aspects well, winning the bet will not be too difficult.

Especially for beginners in betting, researching information about the two teams before the match is extremely important. You should not bet on matches about which you know nothing regarding the information of the two teams. In sports betting, it's important not to be reckless, gamble blindly, as the risk of losing money is very high.

4 Skills You Need to Know When Playing Over/Under Corner Bet in Football

Masters, professional bettors, they always have tips for win tips today corner bets. With just investing time, earnest studying, you can also grasp the knowledge, effective playing tips. Below are 4 basic skills you need to know when playing over/under corner bets.

Corner Kick Betting Skill

For this easy winning corner betting tip, you need to choose which team will have more corner kicks. Note that this method only applies to matches that are completed within the full 90 minutes. This means that the match is held according to the schedule, without being postponed or affected by external factors.

If the match is unexpectedly postponed or canceled, the bet will also be canceled. Betting on corner kicks based on numbers is not straightforward, but the winnings are significant compared to the initial investment.

If you have a reputation in this field, you will choose to play this type of bet. However, if you don't have enough knowledge, you need to consider carefully before investing heavily. Many people have participated in corner betting like this and achieved success. To become the next successful bettor, you need to understand the playing style of each team and also rely on a bit of luck.

Skill in Playing Corner Bet According to the First Corner Kick

For this playing method, you'll have to predict which team will have the first corner kick. If the team you bet on gets awarded the first corner kick, you win money; otherwise, you lose. To master this betting secret, you need to thoroughly understand the playing style of both teams.

Then, if you notice that one team has a stronger attacking capability, choose that side to bet on. With this betting approach, experts consider it safe. The winning chance for bettors on the team with the first corner kick is 50%. However, the risk of losing is also 50%, so be cautious when placing your bets.

In case the match is postponed or canceled before any corner kick occurs, your money will be refunded. But if there has already been a first corner kick before the cancellation, the bet will still be counted as usual. Experienced bettors, with many years of experience in sports betting, may not particularly favor this playing tip, perhaps due to its simplicity.

Skill in Playing Corner Bet Over/Under

Surely you're no stranger to the method of betting on the total goals in football betting. In this playing method, the bookmakers will determine a specific number after their experts odd analysis predictions the match. Through this, you'll choose your betting option.

The bookmakers will provide the total number of corner kicks for that match for players to consider. At this point, the participant's task is to make predictions about the match outcome. This easy winning corner betting tip only requires paying attention to the total number, without needing to know which team will take the corner kicks.

The over/under corner kick betting method is considered simple, easy to understand, yet equally exciting. Moreover, the winning odds for this side bet are relatively high. If you win the bet, you'll receive a much larger profit than the initial investment. If you intend to engage in sports betting for the long term, this is a type of bet you shouldn't overlook. Just by having the ability to analyze the match, the profits can surprise many.

How to Play Corner Bet According to the Last Corner Kick

This playing method is somewhat similar to betting on the first corner kick in football. Instead, you need to bet on which team will take the last corner kick. If the match is postponed or canceled, the overall corner kick bet will not be counted either. Practice your observation skills and understanding of the match. This sports betting secret also relies heavily on luck.


In this article, we have shared with you 4 skills you need to know when playing over/under corner bets in football. We hope that this information will help you change your current situation and bring about many great victories in the future! Read more: won 1x2 tips - Offering insights from the top 100 websites worldwide


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