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2020 Scented Candle

Our Candle Story

Project background - poverty and social issues
- The increase in poverty and the gap between the rich and poor
leads to domestic violence, drug addiction, increase in crimes,
which are all significant issues in our society.
- The social gap in New Zealand is increasing rapidly. 2015 marked
the highest poverty ratio among OECD nations. Although people
in poverty make a living from government support, they are
unable to overcome poverty and are losing the will to become

The goal of the project

- To make a better world with those in hardship who do have the opportunity to work.
- Provide education and work opportunities for people in hardship, walking alongside them to be healthy members of our society.

- Provide a place to learn the concept of work through production
and sales.
- Provide opportunities for successful economic activity through the income from the candle sales.
- Improve perception towards people in hardship through the quality and scent of the candles.

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