Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise awareness of social issues through our online and offline Social Participatory Platforms. 

Our small commitments is to make our society a better place.

Reconnect focuses on seeking societal needs and provides a platform for people to join with others in taking small steps in our society.

We support people to participate in social issues through regular and one-off projects.

Through Reconnect online and offline platform, we want to encourage people to take small steps in sharing love. We believe that the small steps will make a difference in our society!


Offline Projects

Scented Candle

The charitable trust ‘Lowly Heart’ began this scented candle project in mid-2018 with members of the Ranui village. Reconnect worked with Lowly Heart in 2019 but have now taken over the project. However, Lowly heart is fervently assisting Reconnect behind the scene

The purpose of our candle project is to support kiwis in poverty so that they are able to grow in confidence and gain a greater sense of accomplishment and self-worth. We support their journey towards financial independence by creating a job opportunity for those that are jobless, homeless, marginalized.

Through this project, we strive to allow the participants to become healthier members of society, financially independent, all while improving the public perception towards the homeless, jobless, and the marginalized.

2020 Scented Candle with T-Project

2020 Scented Candle with projecT

In early November, we had a great opportunity to collaborate with ProjecT worship team to promote our Scented Candle Project. 

Please contact us if you wish to collaborate with us in selling scented candles! 

2019 Scented Candle

2019 Scented Candle

In mid-2018, the Charitable trust Lowly Heart kicked off the scented candle project with 3 residents from the caravan village. 
Half a year later, Lowly Heart moved into what once was a coffee shop in Henderson to continue the self-reliant candle program.

During this time, there were 30 participants with 2 members becoming proficient at candle making. 
Reconnect played a part by assisting in the sales and marketing aspect of the project during this time.

In January 2020 the self-reliant scented candle program was passed onto Reconnect. 
Thankfully, Lowly Heart is fervently assisting Reconnect behind the scene.

Reconnect is journeying together with the candle makers.  
All proceeds go into the scented candle project.


2021 - Mask donation to Fiji during their Covid19 community outbreak

Reconnect was able to send 9000 masks to Hanuri Mission Centre in Fiji with the help from New Zealanders when they were hit with a Covid community outbreak.


2018 - Now Afterschool Programme in Ranui

The Ranui Afterschool programme is a hands-on, engaging platform for both volunteers and the children in the Ranui community.
Children come into the community library after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, have healthy snacks and participate in creative activities before going home with their parents.
This programme allows volunteers and children to build relationships, look after each other and share love; becoming a brother/sister and friend for the Ranui kids.


Christmas Festival and Concerts


2020 Christmas Party at Western Park Village

Christmas Festival was held in Ranui in November to share love and warmth in the season of Christmas after COVID-19 has hit New Zealand in 2020.

Our purpose was to connect with Ranui community, for the people in the Western Park village and Kids from Ranui after school programme. 

We had sizzling sausages and succulent skewers with pork and beef donburis as a cherry on top!

We also had talented musicians finessing their guitar skills during lunch which created a banger of an atmosphere.
Thanks to the volunteers!

2019 Christmas Festival

2019 Christmas Festival at Ranui Library

Live music? DJ? singers all performing inside a library? YES! in December 2019 we held a Christmas festival at the Ranui community and we had an amazing turnout of at least 1000 people.

With free admission and a variety of free booths which included; Nail Art, Face Painting, Calligraphy, World Vision VR Experience, Surfing Experience, Caricature, Kid’s activities zone, JP Service, Photo zone, and Christmas Tree decoration. It was a heck of an even to wrap up the year. 

Cannot forget about the Sausage Sizzle, Candy Floss, Ice Cream, So-Ddeok(sausage & rice cake), iced coffee and cold drinks to fight off the summer heat!

With free admission and a variety of free booths, free foods and free games. 

It was a heck of an even to wrap up the year!

2017 Concert for People with Disabilitie

2017 & 2018 Concert for People with Disabilities and Families

For the people with disabilities and their families, they do not get much opportunity to experience cultural events.
Therefore, Reconnect had organised a music concert for disabled people and their families to enjoy a music concert in a safe environment!

2017 Moving Flea Market for People in Ne

2017 Moving Flea Market for People in Need

We held a flea Market for the people in the Western Park Village and we also had an awesome BBQ!

2017 Mini Concert at Daycare and Resthom

2017 Mini Concert at Daycare and Resthome

We held mini music concerts at different places for the different communities such as daycare and rest homes to share warmth and love!


Mental Health


2019 Mental Health Workshop at Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Mental health in the Asian community is considered taboo.

We wanted to challenge that stigma by holding a mental health workshop directly for the Asian teen community. 

It was a chance to share burdens and stresses as well as a reminder that it's okay to be not okay.
This workshop was held in 2019 with the help of Waitemata District Health Board.

2018 Happy Pull Campaign

2018 Happy Pull Campaign

Happy Pull campaign is a movement to spread positive energy among the community by sticking a positive message on doors such as “Push away Hate, Pull in Love”
The promotion for this event included Flashmob Dance and Live Busking.

2018 Mental Health Workshop

2018 Mental Health Workshop at Glenfield Library

In 2018, we held our first mental health workshop in Glenfield Library.
We invited professionals in their respective fields, like counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, and speakers who share their experience and hands to help.


Online Projects

​2020 Cannabis Referendum Seminar

2020 Cannabis Referendum Seminar

Reconnect had the privilege to host a free zoom-seminar about Cannabis Referendum that was happening in New Zealand. Dr. Aram, a locally trained and qualified consultant psychiatrist, shared an amazing 1 hour information all about the Cannabis.
With that information on hands, we could vote the referendum responsibly.
Thanks to Dr. Aram and the participants!


2020 Maum-salon Zoom Sessions

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we held a 12-week zoom sharing session with the Youth children.
The zoom sessions consist of 1 facilitator and 3 participants and the content was provided by professional coach, Jin Chung, from Korea.