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Candle Program

Our Candle Story

Project background - poverty and social issues

The socio-economic gap in New Zealand is increasing rapidly. 2015 marked the highest poverty ratio among OECD nations. Although those in poverty have government support, many are rejected from workplaces. Therefore, they are unable to overcome financial hardship and gain independence.

The goal of the project

- To provide a safe and supportive working opportunity.

- To equip candlemakers with professionalism and soft skills through candle classes.

- Provide a stepping stone to help reach candlemakers personal long-term goals, such as finding a secure job, a safe home.

- Improve perception towards people in hardship through the quality and scent of the candles.


Why We Do This

As New Zealand’s wealth gap becomes steeper, poverty has become a neighbourhood norm. For those living in poverty, despite the government support, many are unable to become independent.

This scented candle project started with a charity named 'Lowly Heart' back in 2018 with participants from Ranui, West Auckland, in an effort to support people’s journey towards greater independence. Reconnect is now continuing the mission by provide a working opportunity for those in need.

As we host our Hauora (wellbeing) DIY Candle Classes, we aspire to uplift the wellbeing of all the participants through the fun and creative candle making with relaxing and therapeutic scents.

All of the profits will be used for the participants and operations of the programme.

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Self-Support Scented Candle Program (Contact us to buy candles)

Offline sale only


Hauora Candle Classes

Currently, Reconnect is hosting DIY Hauora well-being candle classes. Contact us for details


Please contact us
(please contact us via email, phone or instagram DM)

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Candle Purchase

Support us by purchasing our handmade natural candles. This is the perfect meaningful gift for friends, clients, and colleagues. Contact us for details

Please contact us
(please contact us via email, phone or instagram DM)

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