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Who we are

We are Reconnect

Reconnect is a charity dedicated in addressing the often overlooked areas of society by creating participatory opportunities and fostering awareness.

We invite everyone to be a part of this positive movement.


Who We Are

Reconnect was founded by Sarah Lee and Tina Kim in 2016 and registered as a charitable trust in May 2017. We initiated our movement with online contents addressing social issues, effectively raising public awareness. There were also one off events such as music concerts and workshops for people with disabilities, as well as flea markets dedicated to support the homeless. 


Our scope since the beginning has expanded covering wide range of social issues through different events. These events include:

  • Mental health workshops

  • Ranui children’s programme

  • Candle programme to provide sustained support for the homeless

  • Community festive events

  • Foodpack shares for families in need during lockdowns


Reconnect remains committed to its multifaceted approach, continually engaging in various events and programmes, aimed at making a meaningful and lasting impact across diverse aspects of society. 


Vision Statement

Our Vision

To Challenge Indifference and Create Movement


Our Mission

Reconnect focuses on the overlooked areas of society by creating participatory opportunities and raising awareness. We invite everyone to be the positive movement.

High Fives

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"Your contribution will create movement"





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