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Charity Volunteers


Why we need your help

Reconnect is a Non-Profit Charity

supported by the communities and individuals to run the projects.

With the funds provided by you, we are able to provide another meal for the homeless, clothes and food for families, support jobless with working opportunities and further connecting young people with positive movements.

How your support will help others

We target various areas in our community.

Your support will allow us to reach out further and wider. 

Your support will be used to provide food and clothes for homeless and support the jobless. 

It’ll be used to run holiday programme for children

offering a safe and fun environment in communities where it’s needed. 

All funds are used to develop projects and run events

aimed at promoting the wellbeing of our people.

How to donate

You can also support us by funding our projects.

Find out how your support will be used for others.  


Set up a Bank transfer

Account Name: RECONNECT

Account Number: 06-0145-0777013-00

Particulars (Limited to 12 characters): Your first name or initials and surname (or organisation name)

Reference: Phone number


You can follow the link below and follow the instructions to show your support.

Tax Receipt

To receive a tax donation, please email with your Name, Phone number, and address. 

We will then provide you with the tax receipt for that financial year period.





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