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Who Can Participate?

Entries are only open for year 9-13 students attending Henderson High School.
Participants have the flexibility to take part either as individuals or as part of a group (max 4 people per group).


How To Enter The Contest?

  1. Participants must come up with their own creative ideas and designs for a self-care campaign. This may benefit and encourage themselves and the people around them like family, friends, teachers, etc. To reflect on their ways of self-care and reconsider the importance of self-care in their life journey.

  2. Participants may want to ask themselves the below questions when preparing for the contest:

    • What does self-care mean to you?​

    • What would be your ideal self-care routine?

    • What brings you joy?

    • What can you do to bring joy to your neighbours?

    • How do you cope with stress?

    • What is a good way to change the way you think?

    • What brings you the most comfort in challenging times?

  3. Contestants choose a medium from the below examples to express their ideas and designs:​

    • Art Proposals (max 25MB image)​

      • Painting: acrylics, watercolours, or any other materials or technique.​

      • Drawing: crayons, pencils, markers, or any other materials.

      • Digital Illustration: contestants may use whatever techniques and programs they prefer.

      • Comic: contestants may use whatever techniques they prefer.

    • Writing Proposals (max 25MB)

      • Poem: maximum of 400 words.​

      • Story or essay: maximum of 800 words.

    • Audiovisual Proposals (max 4GB)

      • Video for social networks: maximum duration, 1 minute; creativity and style are the main criteria, using live action, animation, or any other technique. No video may include copyrighted materials, resources, or ​music without the author's permission.

      • Song: maximum length, 4 minutes; unpublished lyrics and music written by the contestant.​​

Participants can only submit one creative proposal.​​


How To Send The Artwork?

Artworks can be submitted here or via the submission link provided in the email circulated upon enrolment. Enrolment is not mandatory in order to make a submission, however, it is strongly encouraged to ensure you receive helpful tips and updates about the contest before the closing date.​

All works must be original, not previously disseminated, and not have previously won a prize. They must be uploaded to the Reconnect web form along with the appropriate consent.

All contestants (and legal guardians) must read the contest terms and conditions. They must also provide authorisation for the reproduction of a photographic image, audio and/or video of a student, and use and reproduction of material created by the student, by signing and uploading the consent form upon submission

Artwork must be submitted in high-resolution JPG files. Written works must be submitted in Word files. Alternatively, handwritten works may be submitted as a clearly legible photographic image. Works in the digital category must be submitted in their original format.

Deadline For Contest

6 pm on 12th May 2024

The winners will be announced on this webpage, following the announcement at Henderson High School in June (date TBC).

For further details, email

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